Highland Cup 2019 Rules and Procedures

1. All 2-game series will determine a winner in this order:

a. most wins 

b. goal difference with home and away goals counting equally

c. is still tied, going directly to a penalty shoot-out (standard shoot out rules)

2. 1 game series winner shall be the winner of the game; if tied after regulation the game shall go directly to a penalty shoot-out (standard shoot out rules).

3. Game duration shall be:

a. U13 games - 2 x 35 minutes

b. U15 games - 2 x 40 minutes

c. U18 games - 2 x 45 minutes


4. All game shall be 11 a side with unlimited substitutions.

5. HOME TEAM must provide game sheet and collect/submit game sheet after the game (photo emailed to admin@highlandsoccer.ca).

6. HOME TEAM is responsible for payment of referees following standard club practice for payment (at field or periodic payments by club).

7. Teams may only play players who are on their official team roster (no call-ups) – EXCEPTION - U13 teams are permitted to call up players from U11 or U12 Competitive teams within in their Club (no ‘recreational’ level players)

8. Standard SNS discipline policies shall be enforced, with the entire Cup competition considered as one competition for policy purposes.

9. Standard NSSL policy regarding FORFEITS shall be followed.

10. Unless stated differently above all other standard rules of soccer shall apply.